Ever see someone destroy a ton of unhealthy food and then wash it down with a Diet Coke? Most people don’t get it, but Jack in the Box does.

So, they teamed up with Postmates to deliver a present to comedian Gabriel Iglesias, aka Fluffy, who shared the note they sent to him that explains the logic behind getting a Diet Coke with his meal on social media:

As you've said, the best reason to drink Diet Coke is so you can eat what you want...like tacos. And curly fries. And chicken nuggets. Aaannd mini churros. A lot of people have been asking us for a Fluffy Guy combo, and once we saw your version, we knew we had to get you one!

So, there ya go – drinking Diet Coke with your meal gives you the green light to load up on all the greasy goodness your belly can handle. Save those empty calories you get from soda and use them on something a little more filling like tacos or nuggets.

Here’s what you get with Jack’s Fluffy Combo:

  • 3 Tacos
  • 5 Chicken Nuggets
  • Curly Fries
  • Mini Churros
  • Medium Diet Coke

The note also said they included two Sourdough Jacks (with no tomatoes) since that’s what he usually orders.

Get your Fluffy Combo from Jack in the Box via the Postmates food delivery app.

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