GoGo squeeZ announced on Sunday (March 6) that they are voluntarily recalling their applesauce pouches because of food product residue.

"We found food product residue in two product pumps in one of our factories during an inspection by the Michigan State Department of Agriculture and Rural Development," CEO Michel Larroche said in a statement posted on the company's website.

It's possible that the food product residue may have made it into the finished product, however, Larroche says that they test their applesauce extensively and they have not found any evidence of the residue in their pouches.

Applesauce pouches with best before dates between 12/14/15 and 3/4/17 are being recalled.  For instructions on how to find out if you have a recalled applesauce pouch, click here.

If you have any of the recalled GoGo SqueeZ applesauce pouches you can call 1-844-275-5841 or click here to request a replacement voucher.

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