It was a Halloween nightmare for a Texas family this weekend.

Gun training 101 that everyone should know. Do not EVER treat a gun like a toy and treat EVERY gun like it is loaded. Unless your gun has the Nerf logo on it, these are the rules that everyone should follow. Unfortunately, one Texas woman was not following these rules this past weekend.

33-year-old Eloisa Fraga was attending a Halloween party in San Antonio on Sunday night. At some point in the night, Eloisa was playing recklessly with a handgun according to witnesses at the scene. All of the sudden folks heard a loud pop and then an eighteen month old baby crying. It would appear the baby was holding a cell phone to keep them entertained that took the brunt of the bullet. The phone did explode and the baby was hit in the chest with the explosion. The baby was taken to a nearby hospital and was unconscious upon arrival.

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The parents tried to claim that the cell phone the kid was holding just exploded on it's own, but doctors told police they kept changing their story. An investigation began and police got an arrest warrant Eloisa after several witnesses said she was the one who injured the baby. She has since been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

She was released yesterday (October 31) on $75,000 bond. She is expected back in court on December 14.Let stories like this be a reminder to never play with guns even if you think they're not loaded.

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