Photo Courtesy Danbury Police Department


After committing what he probably thought was a good deed, a Connecticut man is behind bars and charged with interfering with the duties of an officer, second-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree kidnapping and disorderly conduct.

This story just gets crazier the more you hear about it. It all started out when, allegedly, David Pope saw a man walking down the street in Danbury, Connecticut pushing a basket of cans and bottles.

Pope grabbed the 77 year-old man by the arm and made him come back with him to his house. Once at the house, Pope's dog bit the man. Despite the dog bite, Pope made food for the man and made him eat it.

Eventually, the man was able to get out of the house without Pope knowing and went back to his own home. That's right, the man was not homeless! Once safe in his own home, he called police to report the dog bite.

When police arrived at Pope's house to investigate, he appeared to be drunk and said he was just giving a homeless man some food. That's when officers placed him under arrest.