Several photos of Ronald Poppo, the victim of the shocking face-eating incident in Miami, have been released to the public. These extremely graphic photos show just how brutal the cannibalistic attack really was.

Poppo, a 65-year-old homeless man, was attacked last month by Rudy Eugene, a 31-year-old man high on a drug called bath salts.  Eugene managed to chew off nearly half of Poppo's face before Miami police where finally able to shoot and kill the attacker.  Later, when Poppo arrived at the hospital, doctors discovered that one of the bullets had also hit Poppo.


Poppo has been undergoing extensive treatments at the Miami Memorial Hospital  including three surgeries and several skin grafts - with more to come.  Medical staff say that Poppo remains positive and upbeat and is recovering well, despite losing his nose and right eye during the assault. They say he has even been cheering on his hometown team, the Miami Heat, from his hospital bed.

Trauma surgeon Nicholas Namias said,  “He’s coping remarkably well. The guy has got to be a survivor.”

No word as to how much longer Poppo will need to remain at the hospital.  He may even be a candidate for a face transplant, which will be determined after his wounds are able to heal.

Here is a photo of Ronald Poppo before the attack: