Time to hop in our Delorean and go back to the year 1961. Back when KNIN was still on AM radio.

This is a pretty crazy jingle that was made for 990 KNIN in the 60s. Yes, before we became an FM station in 1981, KNIN was on air on the AM side of the radio. Pams Jingles out of Dallas made a 'My Hometown' song for Wichita Falls and our station. It definitely sounds straight out of the 60s. Former KNIN DJ "Mad" Joe Martin shared the jingle and says the same music was used for many different cities across the U.S, with different lyrics, of course,

This should definitely replace, Put the Falls Back in Wichita Falls, as the best song about our city. Plus, it mentions our radio station at the end. Sheppard Air Force Base and Midwestern State University get a shout out as well. The one thing I was surprised about is how they pronounce the station.

Nowadays we say N-I-N, spelling out each letter. Back then, they said "Wichita Falls has K-NIN(e) on the radio," pronounced K-9.  I know we dropped the K when saying the station back in the 90s, but I had no idea they used to say "K-9" instead of K-N-I-N back in the 60s. If anybody happens to spot any more retro stuff like this, we would love to hear it.

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