What does it take to be a hero in this day in age? Besides running into a burning house to rescue children I think driving your car purposely into traffic to save a group of kids is a pretty heroic deed. That's exactly what happened last Friday at the Bonnie Doon Mall in Edmonton, Canada.

46-year-old Darrell Krushelnicki of Edmonton was going about his normal day and had just dropped his girlfriend off at the mall when he saw a car speeding down the road towards an intersection that a group of kids between the ages of three and 16 were trying to cross the street. Krushelnicki realized that the driver would be unable to stop in time even if he did realize that there were children in front of him.

So what did he do? He did what he had to do and pulled his vehicle in front of the oncoming car. Now if that seems like a crazy thing to do there's one more thing you need to know. Krusgelnicki drives a Hummer so he was probably the safest person in the whole situation from the start.

He stopped the car 15 to 20 feet away from the kids and the local police claim he is a hero and are recommending him for a citizen award, which is a title he deserves. Nobody was hurt in the collision and the other driver was reportedly speeding and talking on a cell phone, which explains why he didn't bother to stop or even slow down. He was charged with dangerous driving.