People think my cat is interesting because she’s completely black but has a white-tipped tail. Yet my cat has nothing on a cat from Florida who has become known as the “Two-Faced Cat.” The cat’s name is Venus, and she’s proving that you don’t need Photoshop to have great features, and unlike Two-Face of the Batman series, she's not holding any grudges.

Christina, Venus’ owner, says she first heard about the cat while Venus was feral and living on a dairy farm. At first she wasn’t interested in having more cats, but after seeing photos and realizing how unique the cat is, she approached the farmer and asked if she could take the cat home.

Photos of Venus have gone viral, and Christina and her family have been accused of Photoshop and even dying the cat’s fur. This past week she and the cat made an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, and has proven the skeptics wrong.

A Facebook page dedicated to Venus refers to her as a chimera cat, though that hasn’t been proven at this point:

Venus has not been officially authenticated to be a chimera cat, which would mean that she is composed of two populations of genetically distinct cells that originated from different zygotes. But while Venus has not been DNA-tested, according to Christina, the striking two-tone tabby proved on Wednesday that she is 100 percent real.

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