UPDATE:  The WFPD have confirmed that the horse stolen from Tangles Salon has been found, but cut into pieces.  The horse was found in an apartment at Hunter's Crossing apartment complex.  No word yet on who lives at the apartment or their connection to the theives.  Several people were detained in connection to the theft, but none were arrested yet.  WFPD expect arrests to be made by early next week.


If you ever needed proof of the existence of idiots, look no further.

A staple of the Wichita Falls area over the past several years have been the various horse statues around town, part of the Mane Event Project, an art project and fundraiser started by the Leadership Wichita Falls class of 2007.  These can be found in front of businesses like United Marketstreet and American National Bank, but not Tangles anymore.

Just after midnight on Wednesday morning, survilance video shows a red SUV driving up to the horse in front of Tangles salon in Parker Square.  Two unidentified people get out of the SUV and try to knock over the horse statue, finally uprooting it after several minutes.  However, the two geniuses on the video must have forgot to measure the size of the horse in comparison to the size of their vehicle, and after a few attempts to load the horse up, they left it on the ground and drove off.  An hour later, the video shows a pair of headlights coming up to the same area, but lack of parking lot light makes the vehicle difficult to see in the video.  After a few minutes, the vehicle drives off.  The theft was finally reported at 8am that morning.

According to WFPD spokesman Sgt. Joe Snyder, this isn't the first time they've had problems reported with this particular statue, called Ms. Silver Buckles.  At the beginning of the month, someone stripped several bolts from the base of the statue.  In January of 2009, someone knocked over the statue causing minor physical damage that was later repaired.

The statue is said to be valued at $10,000.  The WFPD are asking that anyone who has any information on the theft to contact crime stoppers at 940-322-9888.

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