Every summer about this time thousands of people come together for one cause.

Big people and small people. Guys and gals. Entire households and groups of employees.

They get their assignments, put on their game faces, and have an absolute blast being a part of the Hotter’N Hell Hundred.

Volunteers are still needed for things like pre-registration, late registration, the HHH Sales booth, motorcyclists to guide the riders, SAG wagon drivers, even host homes. Volunteers are especially needed for Friday, August 26th.

If you’d like to be a part of the 35th Annual Hotter’N Hell Hundred, but aren’t particularly interested in riding a bicycle in the August sunshine, become a Hotter’N Hell Hundred volunteer. You can learn all sorts of things about The Ride and available volunteer positions on its official website, just click on the “About HHH” tab.

Or you could just contact Darlene, the volunteer coordinator, directly at 940-733-1532 or hhhvols@gmail.com . To become a host home touch base with Marie and Sam. These ladies do a wonderful job of matching riders and hosts, e-mail them at hh100host@gmail.com.

The 35th Annual Hotter’N Hell Hundred is August 25th through the 28th, put out the welcome mat for 13,000 or more riders and remember to share the road!