The 35th Annual Hotter'N Hell Hundred took place in Texoma this weekend.

After the ride, most people celebrated, had a few cold ones, or took in a concert at the after party. That wasn't the case for some residents along the course, though. They ended up picking up litter left along the roads and went to Facebook to share their displeasure.

Wesley Griffin/Facebook

Wesley Griffin posted the above pictures to his Facebook page on Sunday afternoon.

Along with the pictures he said,

"The Hotter N Hell riders should be ashamed of the way they leave our county roads even my 7 year old didn't like it so we loaded up and cleaned up 1177, this trash is pure disrespect to the residents like us who live out here the last time I checked this is littering and is punishable by law what's in the bed of my truck was in less than a 1/4 mile Gunner Griffin is a trash picking up machine."

The post quickly started to spread locally, receiving hundreds of shares and likes.

Eventually, it caught the eye of organizers of the event. They responded with a post on the Hotter'N Hell Facebook page where they addressed the problem.

They pointed out that the bottles left on the road were not from an official rest stop, but from people unaffiliated with the event trying to help out the riders. While their intentions were good, the repercussions ended up being bad.

They invited anyone interested in helping out with the event to come and join the steering committee or volunteer with a rest area for next year's event.

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