One of the problems many people in Texoma and other dry climates are dealing with right now is that of stickers in their lawn. Also known as grass burrs, sand burrs, grass stickers, and pricking monsters, they stick to clothing, tires, shoes, and anything else they can grab hold of. Once they’re on you, they end up in your home. If you’ve dealt with these things, you know they don’t feel good when you step on them after they end up in your carpet. What can you do to get rid of them?

I turned to the Internet and discovered a fantastic article written by retired landscaper Phil Goold. He had a few suggestions that you may want to try.

Stickers are thriving right now is due to the drought and dying grass. One way to choke them out is to have a healthy lawn, but with watering restrictions, that makes things a bit more difficult. If you only have a few right now, try picking up the burrs by hand because the roots don’t run deep. Just remember a pair of thick gloves for the task, otherwise you’ll be cursing them even more.


When you mow your lawn, do so with a bag. Stickers are a seed, so they spread easily. Cut your lawn as short as you can, then head out to a store like Lowe’s or Home Depot to purchase weed killer. This isn’t a time when you’re looking for the cheapest product out there – you want to kill off the unwanted visitors to your yard.

Treat Your Yard

If you do spray your yard, know what you’re putting out there. Many products are harmful to pets and people, so be aware of that before you start spraying. Goold suggests organic weed killer such as orange oil as a safer alternative, though it sounds as though it may not be as effective. Many of our local lawn maintenance companies even have a special spray formulated specifically for stickers that does not require watering to be effective.

Fertilization and Continued Mowing

Fertilizing your yard will help your grass to grow, which will in turn choke out those burrs. Again, this is made more difficult by the fact that we can’t water our lawns. If your grass is growing anyway, continue to mow frequently and continue using a bag when you do. Your lawn will thank you for it, and your family will be thankful they aren’t stepping on those little suckers in the house.

How to get rid of stickers in your yard
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Galloway

What have you tried to get rid of stickers? Have you had success using other methods?

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