Who do you need to pick a bone with?

Today, is Bone Pickin' Monday and Kellie is the first one to have a bone ... with the police!  I don't think there is one of us that hasn't had this question, do the police purposely drive under the speed limit?

Well, Kellie was behind not one but two police cars this morning and seriously, it's ridiculous, they are causing major commuting problems and it makes her furious. It is just natural for people to be afraid to pass them, but intimidation and authority shouldn't be a reason for law-abiding citizens to be prevented from traveling to work on time and within the speed limit. J'Si, really made a good point regarding the fact though that anyone is allowed to pass an officer if they are going the speed limit, but so few of us are gutsy enough to do so.

Another gentleman had a bone to pick with his fiance, every single time he's just trying to take a relaxing shower she always seems to have a need to come into the bathroom. Not at any other time during the day or night does she suddenly have to be in there, except, as Big Al says "during his me time".

Listen to what other KiddNation callers shared about who they are mad at and why...plus find out what bone to pick Kellie has with Allen.


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