Part-Time Justin decided to venture to the Municipal Courthouse to interview every stranger he could about why and what they were doing there.

The majority of these complete strangers that he interviewed were there to take care of one type of traffic ticket or another. One gentleman's answer, though, surprised and I believe scared our Justin when he divulged he was there for a family violence citation.

The full interview is really humorous, like all of Part-Time Justin's. One interesting observation he made was that a slew of people showed up to court in shorts. Kellie and Big Al, I believe like most of us, were appalled to think people would be so audacious and disrespectful.  As Kellie said, "couldn't people just take a bite of humble pie?" I don't think any judge unless he lives in the Florida Keys would appreciate that at all.

The cast advised him that on his next court adventure he should attend the Criminal Court, hear all about his plans below!

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