Trey made the big announcement… He’s getting a place with his girlfriend! He wanted to know… What things should he avoid doing so he doesn’t get on her nerves?

Moving in together, well there are many things that could possibly be an issue but the first thing on everyone's mind was the bathroom "situation". Jenna is the first to admit that Trey definitely needs his own designated bathroom. Although,Trey isn't big on discussing the #2 bathroom issue, it really is something for him to consider. As only Jenna could say best, her advice to Trey, "keep it sexy for as long as possible".

Check out the show and the very blunt opinions listeners have about moving in with your mate. You have to hear the story about a listener who actually would have to label his food so his girlfriend wouldn't eat it during the night. Things worked out great for them, but the poor guy would wake up during the night starving!

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