I’ve always had a deep respect for Yoopers who are able to face the nastiest winters every year here in Michigan. I know we think we have it bad down here in the lower peninsula every time we get 8 to 12 inches, but in the upper peninsula, that’s a walk in the park.

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They face longer winters and shorter summers than we do down here so you have to tip your hat to them. Even more so now that I am discovering that there is still snow on the ground in the upper peninsula. Guys, it’s May and there is still snow on the ground in Michigan. Could you imagine the outrage you would be hearing about on social media if that were the case for the lower peninsula?

A lady who lives in the UP recently shared a photo of the snow on her property.

Alright Yoopers, who still has snow in their yard? Just curious. With today's warm forecast, I hope my last patch of snow from our snowblower will melt today. Doesn't help when this spot doesn't get much sun.

I think we can all say we have a pretty good down here. Just remember the next big snowstorm we get later this year to be grateful. We can go swimming again right now, instead of still looking at winter in the middle of spring.

I did find it pretty incredible that a school in the upper peninsula had a snow day before Halloween and after Easter. Let that sink in while you soak up the sun.

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