You know that tattoo you got back in college, the one with the Chinese lettering that you thought said "Wisdom and Love" but instead translates to "I'm A Skinny Chicken"? Well, take heart, because a 35-year-old aspiring Brazilian pop singer painted himself green to look like The Hulk as a publicity stunt. Not sure how that helps his singing career, but whatever. Only problem was, he used industrial paint.

Yep, industrial paint, the kind used on missiles and nuclear submarines.  And it wouldn't come off his skin.  Even after more than 20 showers and baths. The paint finally started fading after about 24 hours . . . but Paulo is still considering suing the store that sold him the paint because they knew what he was planning and didn't stop him.

Estimates show him returning to his normal color sometime in the next 4 to 6 months.  I think he should really look on the bright side, he's going to have a ton of free time since he's definitely not going to be working or singing for the next few months!