Join us for J-Si’s B-Dubs Music Hangout with Ed Sheeran. They talked about Ed’s success, being a music icon to the up and comers & MORE!

J-Si got to go backstage to interview Ed Sheeran! Lucky! He was willing to sit down with the guys even in the midst of his huge world tour. J-Si walked in and Ed greeted him with a big ole smile and even brought up Kidd Kradddick and what a huge fan he has been of him all these years.

J-Si did come bearing gifts, he brought Ed his favorite beer, Kronenbourg. One thing J'Si spent a bit of time on was the fact that the majority of Ed's Fans say that morally he hasn't changed at all from even September in 2011 when Plus came out until now. Ed says the one things that have changed and are ever changing are just his tastes and styles of different things as they do when you get older and he is now 26.

Check out the whole interview and video below!

Watch the music video for “Galway Girl” and get his album on iTunes.

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