Oh that Biebs! He’s becoming quite a charmer and a ladies man of sorts as he hurtles towards his twenties! The ‘All Around the World’ singer, like Sir Mix-A-Lot likes big butts and he cannot lie! In a chat with Q (quotes courtesy of Entertainment Wise), Justin Bieber revealed that he is a butt man! And one of his favorite derrieres belongs to his ‘Beauty and a Beat’ duet partner Nicki Minaj!

“I think I’m a butt guy. I just like butts. I’m attracted to them,” The Biebs said. “Do I have any favourites? Nicki Minaj has got a nice one.”

Minaj is known for her shapely rump, so she’ll probably be stoked to hear that The Biebs is digging on the junk in her trunk. We’re surprised he didn’t namecheck Jennifer Lopez, also known for her backside.

Minaj isn’t the only pop diva that has caught the singer’s eye. He also called Beyonce “sexy” and confirmed that he is “in love with everything about her.”

Um, should Jay-Z be worried that a young man has zoned in on his baby mama? Not even! Should JB’s girl Selena Gomez be concerned that he’s spilling compliments about other women? No way. He’s being cute and playful. And he’s human and can be attracted to other women and appreciate their shapely booties.

The Biebs also shared that he doesn’t like his largely young and female fanbase talking about ‘Jerry,’ which is their code name for his package, until they are at least 13. Anyone under 13 referencing Jerry upsets the singer.

“I don’t really agree with 12-year-olds talking about those inappropriate things,” he said, expressing concern. “I just think the younger people are, the closer the parents should watch out over the kids. But once they turn 13, it’s easier because they’re going to learn that stuff anyway.”

What a good role model The Biebs is, but you hear that Beliebers? He’s all sorts of PG-13 about Jerry, so don’t ask him about it or talk about it until you are of age.

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