Now I have two sports tattoos myself, but I could never do something like this.

So this guy decided to get an Indian like headdress using the Kansas City Chiefs colors. He came into a tattoo shop saying "I want this big skull on the back of my head, with, like, a headdress on it and Kansas City Chiefs colors and a Kansas City Chiefs logo in the center. And I want it so that when I'm at a Chiefs game, in the stands, if I'm standing in front of a Raiders fan, I want him to be intimidated.'"

Now whats crazy is this is a head tattoo he did one sitting that is just insane to me."Yeah, it was the most painful thing I've ever gone through, dude. I mean, it was wicked ... it feels like knives just slowly (going) down your head." Now everytime I go out around town people always ask me how big a Cowboys fan I am. I show them my tattoo and they go OK we get it your a fan. Well this guy definitly has a way more intimidating tattoo than me. Check out my Dallas Cowboys tattoo below.

Dallas Cowboys
My Tattoo

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