Kellie’s sweet fiancé, Allen, created…It's an intimate look into their life and relationship..documenting how they met, the magical proposal and even engagement photos for all to see. Kellie is proving she's not only the resident love expert, but wedding planning could be another one of her callings. Together, they have already secured their venue, although that has not yet been divulged and ordered their cakes. Kellie's appropriately named cake will be a red raspberry swirl with white chocolate and Allen's, a chocolate chip swirl chocolate icing.

These two don't have a whole lot of time so they are plowing through the details like true  professionals...They might even have sparklers for their honeymoon departure! It just so happens the big day is almost perfectly scheduled, Allen's lease is up and although he might have to stay at his parents for a day pre-wedding it works out great. By the time the lovebirds return home from their honeymoon all they will have to do is walk over the threshold into the home they now will share together. Kellie has already been cleaning out her closets making room for her groom.

Listen to the show below and visit their wedding site for so many more wedding secrets, even listen to their wedding song.


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