A LIVE Love Letter to Kellie

It’s not Wednesday… But our resident love expert Kellie Rasberry weighs in and gives her advice to a KiddNation caller LIVE!

Jeff, calls in and feels he's in a terrible predicament, he's been married only for a year and a half but his ex from when they were seventeen decided to contact him. Only being married for one year he is having early marriage issues, as people do, but as Kellie put it best, "it's been so long away from this stranger that you probably don't remember or know why you broke up with the girl in the first place."

Brendan Smialowski, Getty Images
Brendan Smialowski, Getty Images

A Kellie said,"do not respond, period", to even acknowledge or indulge this act of reaching out could destroy everything he has and found for himself today.

J'Si, Big AL, Kellie, and Jenna were all in agreement in that you don't mess up what you have just because someone suddenly feels like reminiscing about the past. This someone, also has absolutely no respect for where you are in your life today and those you are fortunate to have and love in it.

Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter HERE.


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