We heard from Bella Thorne and the rumors of cheating on Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth. Basically, Bella and Tyler stopped dating quite awhile back and she had been invited during that time to a show of his and went backstage and rumors were terrible. No, they weren't caught kissing at the show. Charlie thought because of seeing something online and disregarding the date that she had been cheating with him.

So what do guys really think is sexy? Big Al, admits to hitting on those girls who seem to have put no effort into being sexy because they seem more approachable. Well, you have to decide for yourself after listening to the show, J'Si knows exactly what he thinks his wife is sexiest in. Even after a long day at home and work his favorite outfit happens to be a pair of jean shorts, a baggy low cut top and a lace bra.

Now, what do you think is sexy?


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