What do you do that’s crazy?

Today was certainly a day that was full of some very unique stories that will have us all questioning, if not agreeing, some things are just crazy!

First, a listener who is marrying the girl of his dreams, but she has a habit he just can't seem to understand. Everything seems great until she lets her dog lick her on the mouth, and not only allows, but thinks trying to get his tongue in her mouth is endearing. As J-Si and the rest of the cast would agree...it's crazy and disgusting!

Another listener has somewhat of a compulsive disorder, he has to take all of his clothes off when going #2, he's afraid the smell might cling to his clothes.

Don't miss the other listeners 'does that make me crazy' stories -- today's show will not disappoint and will leave us all wondering does that make me crazy? Listen below.

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