One of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Producers, Nick Adams, had been keeping a very important secret from most of the staff for over the last year.

The shout out game was coming to an end and the last question happened to be a question inquiring who amongst the staff had a scheduled medical procedure in the hopes of saving someone's life.

Well, this was the perfect time for Nick to open up about the personal journey he has been on for sometime. He chose to first register then follow the necessary steps to possibly become a match and be able to donate some of his stem cells. He found out that he was a match for a gentleman 60 years of age suffering from leukemia.

Just this next week, Nick will be flying to an undisclosed location to complete the procedure for this fortunate man.

The process is quite simple and there are over 14,000 patients a year desperately looking for donors for both stem cells and bone marrow transplants. This is truly is a blessing, the procedure is really little more than donating plasma or platelets.

Listen to the story and how you might be able to save another life today!

Sign up to donate stem cells and bone marrow HERE!

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