You see stories over the summer all the time about a kid getting fined by the cops for having a lemonade stand. Well one company is willing to pay that fine now.

I know here in Wichita Falls we have the annual Lemonade Day. Where kids setup lemonade stands throughout the city to learn about running a small business. One of the things that goes into that is getting all the proper permits. Yes, even a six-year-old running a lemonade stand needs permits.

It's a formality at the end of the day, but I have seen stories throughout the country of people calling the cops on kids for not having permits. Really? You made an officer take time out of their day to go deal with a kid selling lemonade? Sadly, some people have no time on their hands.

These fines can be between $50-$300, which most kids don't have. So, mom and dad will be paying that fine. You probably know Country Time Lemonade. They're a national lemonade company who now has the Legal-Ade crew. If you send them your fine while selling lemonade, they will pay it for you, up to $300. You can hit up their website to see if you qualify.

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