Ever since 'The Lion King' came out in 1994, it's been considered one of the greatest Disney movies. Now, over 20 years later, you can finally eat a gourmet meal that will compliment your favorite childhood flick.

The guys from CinemaSins decided to bring back their 'Movie Recipes' videos for this one. They joined up with Chef Dale Levitski from Sinema in Nashville.  The restaurant is inside of a refurbished old movie theater, so it just made sense.

Levitski's creation, the 'Hakuna Frittata' has a few ways that it ties in with the movie. It's made with millet (an African grain), it has pork (a nod to Pumba), and  it seems to have a taste and presentation that seems right from the settings of the movie. Check out the video above and get ready for all your 1990's dinner dreams to come true.