Kellie, our resident love expert, had a busy day in offering the solid advice her listeners desperately were in need of. A woman, Alyssa, wrote in asking for some answers regarding her engagement ring dilemma. After 3 years of a relationship her now fiance proposed, even she admits he only did that because of all the pressure she  was putting on him about getting married. Most women would not complain about a ring that is too big or being exactly what she had always wanted. Alyssa, refers to this ring as the "Shut the Hell Up" ring. Kellie and the entire cast had a unanimous opinion in how to address the issue. For one thing, she is finally engaged to the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with and that wish came true. As Kellie pointed out, the most important thing though is to concentrate on on how much he obviously cares for her and now she should be grateful because planning the wedding of her dreams is in the works. Everyone feels bad for this poor guy, she should care enough to recognize how very much this meant to him and certainly never refer to his beautiful gift as the "Shut the Hell Up" ring period.

Kellie, tried and true once again proved to be the love expert we all should hope to be lucky enough to talk with. Another listener wrote in about her relationship difficulties with her boyfriend of 6 months, who she could see planning a future with, now seemed to be lacking in some of the characteristics of her ideal  "perfect" guy. You will have to check out the show and this story and what the real issues were at hand. Although the boyfriend is great she did meet another man and he seems to have more of those qualities she thinks she wants, is she afraid of commitment?


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