Today Is World Down Syndrome Day, it is celebrated today due to the fact that Down Syndrome is caused by an extra 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome. To show your support wear mismatched socks today, symbolizing that everyone is different and so very important.

J-Si shares a personal story about his cousin Eric, who does have Down Syndrome. J-Si remembers as a child hearing a lady ask his aunt if her son was suffering from Down Syndrome. As none of us would ever be able to forget she sweetly replied that no her son wasn't suffering, he was happy and living his life.

Today's show is truly inspiring and is something we all should support and embrace. A sweet moment you have to hear is a story about one sweet young man who asked his best friends sister out to his senior prom, she also is living with Down Syndrome.

Photo credit to Lori Wilson Photography
Photo credit to Lori Wilson Photography

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