This has been an amazing day for our love expert Kellie and her advice is direct and to the point. Caleb wrote in about a problem he has with his girlfriend and the fact that cleaning is not her strong suit. Although he swears that helping her is not a problem he just can't stand living that way, she does clean but can go for days without. What should he do? Kellie lays it down, is it really a dirty house that is the issue?

A 30 year old woman wrote in about her problems, she's in a love triangle with her first love and her husband. Can she be in love with two people at the same time? As Kellie put it, she is playing with fire and needs to delete and block this man from all areas of her life if saving her marriage means anything.

So, your boyfriend refers to himself as " Cool J" ,his name is actually James... Is a nickname a petty reason for questioning your relationship? As Big Al noted, no nickname should be any big deal when, "Becky Boop",  is your own email name.

Check out the show and all of the advice Kellie sure has had to give today, the details and so much more will surprise you.

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