Listen to cast of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show talk about ridiculous crimes, the criminals committing them and what having the same last name as another could possible do. Apparently there was a man by the name of Allen, not Kellie's Allen, that was caught stealing $33 worth of sharp cheddar cheese in Virginia. Well, the charges were going to be dropped and he was found not-guilty but had to appear in court. Allen, for some reason couldn't make it so he is now serving 5 years in prison for his cheese venture and failure to appear. Can you imagine explaining to other inmates you were arrested for stealing cheese?

Big Al and J-Si also have had experiences with the court system you could say. Big Al remembers a time,at the age of 10 when he and his father were going to visit a friend in jail. His father was signing in for visitation and happened to have the same name as someone wanted and they almost arrested him. J-Si, has also has had trouble with the "law" his name apparently, Jose Chavez, happens to be popular within the inmate community. See what Big Al's father had to do and more about absurd crimes that just don't make any sense.


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