Matt Bomer has been shirtless many a time before on his hit series ‘White Collar,’ but we’ve been waiting patiently (very patiently) for him to go all buck wild on us and become the male stripper we need him to be in ‘Magic Mike.’ If the wait until the end of June wasn’t bad enough, Warner Bros. keeps teasing us with more and more shirtless images of our favorite studs, one of the most recent being of Bomer donning a pair of aviator shades and a sailor’s cap.

Yup, we know. We wish it was still Fleet Week, too. But wait, there’s more shirtless wonder to be had. Take a peek below and see Bomer in another of the recently released stills from ‘Magic Mike.’ Just remember, there’s only a couple more weeks and then it’ll be time to pounce at the screen.