Flickr/Creative Commons-Katalina Pics

There is definitely a reason why so many people are wildly obsessed with their dogs, and it's because of stories like this one.  Just like the pitbull that stayed with it's deceased friend for a weekend, this dog is totally loyal, and chances are, when the chips are down, yours would be too!

Michael Siau is a truck driver.  He always travels with his Yorkie named Rambo.  Last Friday, he stopped at a rest stop in Hannibal, Missouri and didn't realize Rambo had slipped out. He thought Rambo was asleep in the back and was three hours north, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, before he realized Rambo was missing.  If he turned around, he would've lost his job because his driving time would've been too thrown off.

So he frantically called the police in LaGrange, Missouri, which he figured was the closest police department to the rest stop.  They offered to look into it, but he didn't hear any word.  Finally, early Sunday, he called the Hannibal police.

They checked out the rest stop and told him everything was okay.  Because it turns out Rambo had just sat there, perfectly still, for TWO FULL DAYS waiting for Michael to come back.  He didn't run off.  Didn't move.  Just patiently waited. On Sunday morning, on Michael's return trip, he was reunited with Rambo.

That's enough to make us collectively say... "Ahhhhh".

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