Man, I love dogs, and, one could argue that they are much more loyal than people.  Let me put it this way, put your significant other, and your dog in the trunk of your car; then drive all over the place taking turns as fast as you can. Then park the car, open the trunk, and see which one is happy to see you.  Point made. This story dang near brought me to tears. A heartbroken male pit bull stayed with its dead friend for 14 hours over the weekend, after the female pit bull was struck and killed by a car in Phoenix.

The male pit bull was seen nuzzling its dead mate even as passersby and local business owners left behind food for the dog. The photos of the dogs were widely shared on Facebook, which inspired one outraged woman in Chicago to call the mayor's office in Phoenix to demand action from the city's animal control staff.

They are going to look into this and find out why it took them 14.5 hours to get the dogs picked up.

The dog is now being cared for; his handlers say he was so withdrawn that he might not be adoptable, though inquiries from the public have been made. I know I would adopt him.