When the weather warms, Maine's beauty shines through. The natural landscape gives you plenty of chances for hiking, boating, riding, and just plain adventure. But what if that adventure could include a chance at finding millions of dollars worth of hidden pirate treasure? Well if you're up for a road trip, that adventure is yours for the taking.

According to this Treasure Stories blog, the small town of Machiasport in eastern Maine is believed to be the home of an underground vault filled with millions of dollars in loot and valuables belonging to the notorious pirate Samuel Bellamy. In historical lore, Bellamy could be considered the real-life version of Captain Jack Sparrow, a plunderer and thief who angered not just the towns and cities he raided, but fellow pirates as well.

Bellamy stumbled across a spot he thought was perfect to house his bountiful treasure and his substantial pirate army. That place is at the mouth of the Machias River, a secluded location at the time. Bellamy couldn't fathom anyone finding it. The first structure built was an underground vault to house all the treasure. The second structure was a log fortress that would allow the pirates to defend their loot if necessary.

But before Bellamy and his pirate army could truly enjoy their booty, chasing more riches caused them to set sail again. Most of their crew was killed in an encounter with a French gunship, and although Bellamy made it back to shore in Massachusetts, he was hanged by the townspeople for the crimes he had committed. Of course, that meant his pirate fortress and pirate loot was left sitting in modern-day Machiasport.

So, where exactly is that underground vault? Many historians believe it exists somewhere between Renshaw Point and Old Rim Bridge in Machiasport. For decades, locals and a few visitors have scoured the land, hoping to find a clue. For now, the treasure remains untouched, but most believe if it were ever found, it could be worth tens of millions today.

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So, even if you're not a Goonie, one-eyed Willie's treasure does exist. And it's sitting somewhere underground right here in Maine.

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