Have you ever seen a tornado in person?

I sort of have, twice. Years ago, I was driving on Interstate 95 near Augusta, and way off in the distance, myself and the people I was with are positive we saw a funnel cloud in the distance. It was a hot August day and there'd been plenty of thunderstorm activity in the area, so it wasn't a far-fetched possibility.

The second time was when I was on tour. My band was in Ohio, and when we came out of the club after our set, all the tornado sirens were blaring, and I was terrified we were all gonna die. Although, locals assured me it was nothing to worry about. Ha! I didn't actually see one that day, but the sirens were scary enough.

They don't come around Maine very often, thankfully. But...

We do get them from time to time. But in May? Not typically likely. But it seemed to be the case yesterday here in Denmark, according to News Center Maine. However, the reports of a legit tornado turned out to be not quite true. It turned out instead that Denmark had a super rare landspout tornado produced by what's called a cold air funnel.

National Weather Service in Gray, Colorado

The winds produced are pretty mild, capping out at just over 50 mph. In this particular situation, there was minimal damage. Just some trees and a few sheds and a barn. It certainly could've been a lot worse. Although I imagine those who saw it form were probably freaked right out. After all, any kind of funnel cloud around here is pretty uncommon. But above all, thankfully no one was hurt.

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