We all know some urban legends. I mean, I learned not to flash my high beams at anyone that did not have their headlights on at night, or else they will turn around, follow me and try to run me off the road.

There are so many urban legends out there, it's impossible to know them all.

I was looking at possible hauntings in Maine and found some urban legends that started in the Pine Tree State.

One really stuck out to me: the legend about the Sabattus Well.

Honestly, this story gives me major "The Ring" vibes, granted no one gets a phone call saying "seven days" after going to the well.

If you don't know, the Sabattus Well legend goes like this, according to Ancestralfindings.com: A group of kids went to a known-to-be-haunted well that is located in the back of a cemetery and dared one of them to go down the well. Of course, the friend reportedly agreed, as he wanted to impress everyone.

None of them were prepared for what came next.

Ancestralfindings.com stated that they lowered their friend down on a tire tied to some rope, and after a couple of minutes pulled him back up only to find that their friend's hair was white and he had aged drastically in one a few minutes.


Strange Maine says that the boy was cackling and babbling and remains doing so from the county mental institution.

Maybe it is just the well, and someone coming out of it that reminds me of "The Ring," but it just seems like wells are never a good place for children (or anyone really).

This legend has even got the attention of Central Maine Ghost Hunters, where they went out to look for the well and see if they could find any activity at the well.

They ended up going to multiple cemeteries, however, they did not find the supposed well.

They only did a part one video on trying to discover this well, hopefully, they will make a second to prove that there may actually be a well that is hidden in a cemetery.

For now, it seems that the Sabattus Well is only an urban legend. However, if someone is able to discover a well hiding in a cemetery behind a barn, who knows. This urban legend could be true!

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