I was not aware that MacGyver was locked up in New Mexico, or at the very least, his long lost relative. Carlos Garcia is a convicted murderer that used a Popsicle stick with a razor blade attached to it to saw through the bars in his prison window. It's crazy that a murderer could get out of prison with just a Popsicle stick and a razor blade, but that's not the craziest part of the story.

Garcia squeezed out of the window and used bed sheets to lower himself down two stories. Once he got down he changed his mind.  So he decided to use the bed sheets to break back into prison. As he was climbing back up, the guards caught him.  He's been moved to a maximum-security prison in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Carlos you have done two things that many people could never do. You almost successfully escaped prison, which is a feat all in itself,  and you are the only person I think that ever wanted to get back into prison after getting out. Carlos what were you thinking climbing back up? I would love to know.

Watch the news report about Carlos Garcia's daring Popsicle stick prison break attempt: