This guy looks like he is about to have a brain aneurysm. 

With the Hotter'N  Hell Hundred just around the corner, we would like to make you aware of some safety tips for one of the biggest weekends in Wichita Falls. Remember to share the road with the cyclists. No, they cannot go as fast as your car, but remember to share the road.

Apparently, nobody told Robert Lewis of Newport Beach that.

The unidentified cyclist was clearly in a bike lane, which is clearly marked on the street, but Lewis didn't want to hear it and is basically bullying him for riding his bike on the street.

The guy on the bike describes the events leading up to this video in a friend's Facebook post saying the aggression started before the angry surfer even got out of his car.

The cyclist says it all started when Lewis passed him in his white SUV on the left within a foot while honking his horn. Then, Lewis pulled in front of the cyclist and brake checked him, forcing the cyclist to pass the SUV on the left.  Lewis then sped by the cyclist again on the left, this time hitting the cyclist's elbow with his side-view mirror and yelling obscenities at him. Shortly after that Lewis pulled over and got out of his car and approached the cyclist who then began recording the video.

Lewis has since apologized publicly for his behavior saying he's embarrassed and that he screwed up.

Just remember to take caution and be respectful when driving with cyclists on the road and don't flip out like this guy.

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