Tik Tok challenges have become a headache for several schools here in Texas, but this one maybe the dumbest one yet.

Remember when kids throughout Texas were doing the "Lick Challenge" where it encouraged them to steal the biggest item from their school? Then there was a "Knockout Challenge" where kids were trying to hit their teachers. The latest challenge maybe the dumbest one yet. It is called the "Orbeez Challenge".

An Orbeeze, in case you didn't know are these little balls that absorb water. Nothing too bad about that, right? Well apparently people are freezing them and then putting them into an air soft gun and lighting people up with them. This apparently happened to a FedEx driver in Florida earlier this week.

Looks like this morning, some kids thought it would be a genius idea to do this at school. Royse City High School just northeast of Dallas was on lockdown this morning.

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"This occured in the parking lot before school and no students were hurt. Referred to as the Orbeez Challenge on TikTok, this is yet another senseless trend that is disrupting the school environment, causing a strain on law enforcement and is resulting in serious legal ramifications for students across the nation," Royse City ISD said in a letter to parents.

No word on how many students brought airsoft guns to school this morning. We will see if any other kids are dumb enough to bring an airsoft gun to school in the next few weeks.

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