Want to really prove you have the toughest stomach in Texas? Try to complete any of these massive meals.

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Today we're looking at food challenges that seem almost impossible in Texas. Mainly for the amount of food that you have to consume in a certain amount of time. I'll show them all to you and see if you're brave enough to take them on one day.

Yummy Pho & Bo Ne (Pearland & Katy, Texas)

The infamous Pho Challenge at this place is a lot of food. Attempt to finish the ten pound bowl in under 45 minutes and you win some cash. It costs $50 to do the challenge, but you receive $200 if you do it.

El Nayarita's (Houston, Texas)

This one just seems impossible due to time. You and two other people can try to finish this massive platter of food. The problem? You only have twenty minutes to finish everything. Your meal is free if you pull it off and everyone gets a $50 gift card. If you don't finish it? You will have to pay over $170, so get to eating.

Kenjo's BBQ (Brazoria, Texas)

Maybe the biggest sandwich in Texas. Seven pounds of just meat on this bad boy. Then you have the massive homemade bun, if that wasn't enough. Coleslaw, cheese, tomatoes, and onions. Coming in at 10 pounds of food in total with a 45 minute time limit. Meal is free if you do it, but you will have to pay $90 if you fail.

Joe Taco (Amarillo, Texas)

Another food challenge in Amarillo, probably gets more attention than this one. However this is probably tougher than The Big Texan. Introducing the Chupacabra burrito. Good news is no time limit for this one, but you can't leave the table. Two feet long, weighing in at eight pounds of food. The burrito has beef, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, rice, beans, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo. If that wasn't enough, every sauce on the menu covers this thing as well. Meal is free if you do it and actually a pretty cheap meal. $25 if you fail.

Bistro B (Dallas, Texas)

Well all the rules are stated in the photo above, so no really any need for me to add anything else. The only thing that is missing is the weight. That massive bowl of Pho comes in at 10 pounds of food. Good luck!

Juan in a Million (Austin, Texas)

This is a quantity challenge, that photo above is just one of the Juan in a Million breakfast tacos. Each taco has several eggs, several pieces of bacon, potatoes, cheese, all in a flour tortilla. Here's the problem, you have to eat over NINE of them if you're a guy and ladies you have to eat over FIVE to beat the challenge. Your meal is free if you do it and you get a free shirt as well. Each taco costs just over $5.

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All info on the hardest challenges was taken from the Food Challenges website. All of these rankings are done by professional eaters and every one of these challenges above were given a five star rating in Texas.

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