The Christmas countdown is on and that means some special sweets come out this time of the year. What is everyone's favorite?

If you're anything like me, you used to hang up a stocking as a kid and 'Santa' would fill that bad boy up with a ton of candy. Usually candy you could only get around Christmas time. Maybe Santa needs a little bit of help and you need some ideas on what candy to go pick up.

The Candy Store just released their map for most popular Christmas candy by State for this year. Of course I took a look at Texas and Oklahoma. Texas' top three is Reese's cup minis, peppermint bark and candy canes. Looks like we enjoy the peppermint in the Lone Star state. For Oklahoma, candy canes took the top spot followed by reindeer corn and Skittles.

If you're asking yourself, what the hell is reindeer corn? That would be the Christmas version of candy corn that is popular around Halloween. Instead of orange, yellow, and brown. It is red, green, and white. I don't know about you, but I only can handle candy corn once a year and it can stay in Halloween. Check out all 50 states above.

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