Two years ago, shortly after 39-year-old Jo Powell of Newark, England discovered she was finally pregnant, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors recommended that Powell have surgery and start chemotherapy immediately, but that would mean that they would have to terminate Powell's 10-week pregnancy. Ending her pregnancy was just not an option for Powell, so she refused the treatment to protect her unborn baby.

Powell told the Daily Mail,

I just couldn't believe what they were saying to me. It was like I was in a living nightmare. Richard and I had been trying for a baby for years and we were convinced it wasn't going to happen for us, so Jake was so special."

Doctors continued to warn Powell that pregnancy hormones could aggravate her cancer making it even more dangerous for her, but she convinced her doctors to wait until she was six-months along in her pregnancy to start small doses of chemotherapy. At that point, Powell's baby was big enough to survive the treatment.

Powell gave birth to a completely healthy baby boy, and immediately began intensive life threatening cancer treatment.  Two years later she has made a miraculous full recovery and is cancer free. She has recently learned that the cancer will not return.

Powell says,

I feel like we’ve won the lottery. I’m the luckiest woman in the world."