This is an awesome idea and glad to see the new company running the MPEC is looking to the community for ideas. 

As you may have heard, Spectra recently took over management of the MPEC and they have been slowly but surely making updates to the facility. One of them being the concession stands. They currently have four in their facility and one of them could have an all-new selection in it.

As you know, the coliseum currently has only your standard stadium food, hot dogs, pizza, nachos, etc., but would like a local restaurant or chain to take over one of the concession areas.

Spectra Director of Corporate Sponsorship for the MPEC Alysa Snow told TRN the MPEC would not charge for the spot, but would take a percentage of total sales.

The other three concession areas are The Falls Fryer, Blue Skies Kitchen and 5th Street Grill. “Rather than offering one type of fare at each one, there’s a well-rounded offering (at all three),” she said, adding how the MPEC also launched a craft beer corner for customers.

I have thought about this and I think P2 would be absolutely perfect for this concession stand. When I think Wichita Falls, I think steak on garlic with a red draw. Imagine being able to get that at the next Nighthawks game. Pretty awesome, right? That's just my idea.

Spectra reached out to us and asked if we could help get ideas form the community, so leave a comment below and let them know which local eatery you think should get the spot inside the coliseum.

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