What in the hell is going on in our city? On Monday, an angry old man pointed a gun at some innocent kids, and now we have a naked guy running around trying to do terrible things. Get the popcorn ready for this one.

A naked Wichita Falls man attempted to break into a house in the 200 block of Glasgow last night.

At some point last night, 69-year-old Thomas Allison Jr. told his wife he was going to "go have sex with the little girl next door." So he stripped down and walked out of his house.

He tried to break into the his neighbor's house, thankfully, he couldn't get in. Thomas then turned around and walked back home. Remember, he is naked while doing this.

Someone called the police and they found Thomas inside of his home, still naked. When officers questioned Thomas he said, "I'm a pervert and I am going next door to have sex with that little girl."

Police attempted to detain him, but Thomas did not cooperate and police had to tase him. After finally getting him handcuffed, Thomas refused to put clothes on.

It was later discovered that a minor saw Thomas walking around his neighborhood naked, prompting an indecency with a child charge as well as resisting arrest.

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