With so many gift choices around Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get confused as to what to buy your sweetie. Flowers and chocolates are easy, but if you really want to impress, throw something new into the mix with a Critter Cupid from the Smithsonian National Zoo! This lets you give an honorary name to one of the critters at the zoo, and support wildlife conservation at the same time.

When you pick your animal, you’re given choices from a $10 or $20 list. You then fill out your information and they’ll email you instructions on how to print out a special card for your Valentine to let them know about your donation. The big question is, what kind of animals do you get to choose from?

For $10, you can select one of the following critters:

Naked Mole-Rat: These guys know how to build tunnels that go on forever, and with this animal you’re saying that you want to get lost with your beloved

Black-Footed Ferret: This is what you get for your best friend. These little dudes came back from the brink of extinction, and it’s the perfect gift for someone you’ve been with through thick and thin.

Cuttlefish: They like to cuddle, just like you.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach: Nothing says love like an insect that just won’t die. They can make it through pretty much anything, just like your love. They also hiss loudly when they feel threatened, much like you proclaim your love for your Valentine.

Leafcutter Ant: This is great for anyone who you want to tell, “You’re one in a million.”

Strawberry Dart Frog: These hoppers have elaborate mating rituals, and as the Smithsonian site says, “Take a leap and be mine.”

For $20, you can select one of these critters:

Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad: If you have a fire in your belly for someone, this is a great way to let them know!

Flamingo: The flamingo is not only graceful and beautiful, they’re quite romantic. Snuggle up to your sweetheart with one of these majestic birds.

Piranha: According to the Smithsonian site, “Smitten red-bellied piranhas tango with their mates through a tangle of obstacles in the Amazon River.”

Eastern Diamond Back: It’s the perfect way to slither into the heart of your beloved.

Each Critter Cupid comes with instructions to print out a special card for your loved one and proceeds go toward wildlife conservation. While this doesn’t put a physical gift in your hands, it’s something that won’t soon be forgotten and you’ll feel better knowing that you’re helping animals.

You can order your Critter Cupid from the Smithsonian National Zoo.