A big victory for animal rights if this does happen.

As of right now only Tennesee has passed this blacklist. Other states considering doing this are Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington. The blacklist will be similar to a sex offender list. If you have been charged with abusing an animal, you will have to register on this list. This could prevent you from being in care of an animal or being able to adopt/buy an animal.

Pet shops, vets and everyday individuals can have access to the list. When someone registers they need to give their full name, a picture, the conviction date, the crime they’ve committed and the expiration date. You must also pay a fifty dollar fine when you register. If you refuse to register, you can spend up to one year in jail and receive up to a one thousand dollar fine.

The reason for this registry is for people who may be using a sitting service and want to check on the quality of the person who is watching their pet. Maybe preventing an animal abuser from adopting another pet which they could potentially abuse again.

Like I said, this is not something in Texas yet. They're one of six states considering starting something like this. Let me know if you think this is a good idea or a waste of time.

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