All this time we thought 'Don't Mess With Texas' was for not littering your trash. Also don't throw your animals out of your car either.

Sadly, we live in a world where people just abandon their animals on the side of the road. Janet Byas of Springtown, Texas was caught tossing her chihuahua out on the side of the road in Weatherford. A woman named Vanessa found the little chihuahua on her property and decided to revive her security cameras to see where the little guy came from.

That is when she saw Janet tossing the dog from the car. No doubt about this one. That is Janet, clear as day tossing the dog. The video is so clear, it even caught Janet's license plate so police were able to find her really quick. Janet initially lied to police about the incident, but when they showed her the photo she came clean.

"She indicated that she was frustrated with the dog because it kept getting out of her property, and she couldn't handle it anymore," Sargent Rickey Montgomery said. Janet Byas is now facing a Class A misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty. The dog was also chipped and it had Janet as the owner. So the dog would have most likely been returned to her anyway.

Vanessa who lives in a very remote area says sadly a lot of people dump their animals in her neck of the woods. She says at least fifteen dogs have wandered onto her property throughout the years.

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