How do you people still not understand this? Does everybody need to get this decal on the back of their car?

I'm gonna call this guy a hero. Seriously, the number of times in ONE day driving here in Wichita Falls that I have to pass someone on the right on a two-lane highway is ridiculous. Yes, driving in Wichita Falls is a piece of cake. However, not knowing the basic rules of the road is just a total jerk move.

Someone snapped a photo of this proud Texan. By the way, don't be on your phones while driving, that's illegal now. His decals state the left is for passing, the right lane is for slower traffic. He was also kind enough to point out his turn signals. That feature is available in every car. You move that little stick to the left of your wheel and it lets the rest of us know you're gonna be going that direction.

You push up on it, it means you're turning right. You push down, it means you want to go left. Should I need to explain this to you? No, but people seem to forget about this. So maybe this decal should become mandatory for everybody in Texas as a daily refresher course for the BASIC rules of the road.

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