This woman got arrested and we don't want to glorify that, but she's one of the top candidates right now for "Girlfriend of the Year".  We should all be so lucky.

On Saturday night, police tried to pull over 35-year-old Mandy Ramsey of Fort McCoy, Florida.  She wouldn't stop her car, and ended up leading them on a high speed chase.

The reason?  It turns out Mandy was driving topless, because she was on her way to her boyfriend's house to surprise him.  Which is amazing.  But she didn't want the cops to see her breasts, so she decided to speed off.

During the chase she ran a stop sign and hit a tree, but still managed to lose the cops.

They tracked her down two hours later in her boyfriend's trailer park.  She admitted she caused the chase because she was topless, and Mandy was arrested for fleeing and eluding law enforcement.Which just goes to prove that some women will do anything to keep you from seeing them naked.

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